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Because some folks have been curious (ok, my mother), I am posting a variety of links and files here from my various appearances in the media.  I have written a few op-eds, but most of my recent appearances have been on radio and TV.  Given the intense curiosity about key events around the world and perhaps a desire to compensate for not being vocal enough in 2003, I have been doing more of this stuff lately.

Indeed, because I have been researching the Canadian role in Afghanistan as part of a larger project on the complexities of multilateral military operations and due to the highly visible role of that mission in Canada, I have been doing much more media lately, including at averaging a monthly appearance on TV and writing an occasional op-ed piece.


I now appear online in several outlets: twitter, my blog a.k.a. the Spew, less frequently at the Duck of Minerva, and now as a columnist at Current Intelligence.



For the anniversary of 9/11, CBC wanted me to recall my experience

I was present at a speech of the new Canadian Foreign Minister when he was interrupted by protesters, so CJAD wanted my take.

I appeared on a local Montreal radio call-in show (Sept 26, 2007) to talk about Iran and the rumors of US war plans:  part 1, part 2, part 3.



An op-ed piece shortly after 9/11 in the Dallas Morning News, where I actually say a few nice things about the Bush Administration, but, in retrospect, foreshadows future problems.

Article on outsiders involvement during the invasion of Iraq, March 2003.

Article on US repositioning of troops, June 2003

I wrote a piece that was then translated and published in the Montreal newspaper, La Presse, arguing that a successful Quebec referendum would not lead to joy and happiness, based on my understanding of how separatism palys out: La Souveraineté, et après.

McGill Faculty of Arts put out a publication with various scholars describing a bit of their work and the relevance of such efforts--here is my blurb: Why is there so much ethnic conflict in the world today

A short op-ed for a McGill publication, May 2006, where I try to de-bunk the various 9/11 conspiracy theories, which, of course, is a fruitless task given how conspiracy theorists tend not to be, well, reality-based thinkers.

Text from an op-ed where I challenge a previous piece by another McGill scholar on the civil war and intervention in Iraq, Jan 2007.

Stéphane Roussel of UQAM (and a wingman on the Afghanistan trip) and I wrote a piece in January 2008 for Le Devoir reacting to the Manley Report, arguing that Canadian opposition or ambivalence is more than a product of poor government public relations.

An op-ed piece, "Kosovo, An Absurd Comparison,” The Montreal Gazette, Feb. 20th, 2008, discussion the implications (or not) of recognition of Kosovo.  Was the basis for a number of radio and TV appearances in Feb and March of 2008.

I wrote a piece asserting that the mission in Afghanistan might actually accord with Canadian values more than people think, "The Afghan Pullout Reconsidered," The Globe and Mail, Aug. 21, 2009.  It got a lot of hostile feedback, to say the least.

I wrote a piece saying that Canada's choices are not all or nothing, The Globe and Mail, April 20th, 2010.

I wrote a piece arguing that research in the research vs. teaching debate is poorly understood, The Globe and Mail, September 30th, 2011.



For a recent appearance, see

For an ok appeareance on CTV Newsnet about a serious faux pas by Canada's Foreign Minister while in Afghanistan, see

For a short remote interview (hence the lousy hair and heaps of blinking), go here:
and you can find the clip.

I was a participant at a conference in Montreal on Afghanistan (Sept 21, 2007), organized by the Universite de Montreal and its IR institute (CERIUM).  They videotaped the speakers, so one can go here:, and see me in English or translated into French.