My teaching has largely focused on my twin interests in International Relations and Ethnic Politics.  I am including here a few more recent syllabi to give people an idea of the courses I teach.  All are subject to change (as my students sometimes find out in mid-semester).

[Given the new job will lead to entirely new courses, I am not updating this page at the current time]

POLS 244: State Behavior (POLS 244) a.k.a Intro to International Relations

POLS 346: American Foreign Policy

POLS 444: International Relations of Ethnic Conflict

POLS 575: Honours Seminar: Separatism

POLS 652: Ethnic Strife and World Politics

I added new course to the roster in the spring of 2008--Civil-Military Relations (440), a blend of Comparative and IR, looking at the role of the military in shaping policy and at the efforts by governments to control the people with the guns.  This is based both on my experience a few years ago, working on the US Joint Staff, and my next set of research projects, focusing on the governance of multilateral military interventions.

I then added Civil War, a graduate course, in Fall of 2008. It, too, blends IR and comparative to see how scholars are currently thinking about the causes, consequences and dynamics of intra-state conflict.  This is part of my effort to move a bit beyond Ethnic Conflict and engage the debates about Civil War.


For how to write a political science paper, see Ora's Helpful Hints on PoliSci Paper Production.




My old courses at Texas Tech can still be accessed via http://www2.tltc.ttu.edu/saideman/