Montreal Research Group on Ethnic Conflict

DND/NATO COLA Trip to Brussels and Afghanistan

I was part of a team of scholars based in Canada who went to NATO HQ in Brussels and then to various bases and places in Afghanistan to learn more about the Canadian and NATO efforts, Dec 8-20th, 2007.


Scenery in A-Stan

Bomb-sniffing dog at RC-C

Morning pre-convoy brief

Morning pre-convoy brief

At the French-run Regional Command Central

On the streets of Kabul

Our escort in Kabul

Leah Middlewick (sp?) was our public affairs officer in Kabul.

Shots from first C-130 ride

Regional Command Central

French wear fitted unis and have plate-sized berets

Group at MRRD

Ministy of Rural Reconstruction and Development. The young guys here were very impressive. If only the Ministry of Interior was as well staffed.

RC-Central, in French gear

RC-Central gun show

French and German units showed off their gear.

Hermat Karzai and others

Karzai's nephew, running CAPS, an Afghan NGO.

Beautiful scenery

More Kabul scenery

Light Armoured Vehicle after IED

LAV after IED.

Convy, ISAF and NATO public affairs officers

Lunch at CAPS

Great lunch, interesting conversations