PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE, as of March 20 2010




TUESDAY JUNE 1 / MARDI 1 JUNE 9 am - 10:30 am / 9h00 - 10h30


G1(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle : Non-ideal theory after Rawls

Chair/Président: Victor Muñiz-Fraticelli (McGill)

Michael Kates (NYU), Justice in Nonideal Theory

Dana Howard (Brown), The Scoundrel and the Visionary: Rawls on Reasonable Hope

Alan Hamlin and Zofia Stemplowka (Reading), Theory, Ideal Theory and Theory of Ideals

Kristina Meshelski (Virginia), Ideal Theory and the Basic Structure

Discussant /Commentateur: Victor Muñiz-Fraticelli (McGill)



G1(b): Hobbes 

Chair/Président: Travis Smith (Concordia)

Evan Oxman (McGill), Hobbes on Self-Reflexivity

Graham Howell (Carleton), God-like Ruler and the Mortal God: Julius Caesar and Thomas Hobbes‘ Leviathan

Alison McQueen (Cornell), 'Feigning the World to be Annihilated': Thomas Hobbes and the Apocalyptic Imaginary

Discussant /Commentateur: Travis Smith (Concordia)


G1(c): The Scottish Enlightenment 

Chair/Président: Neven Leddy (Ottawa)

Emily Nacol (Vanderbilt), Making Civil Subjects: 18th Century Tools for the Study of Society

Marc Hanvelt (Carleton), Pluralism, Politeness, and the Public Sphere: Hume on Freedom of the Press

Ryan Griffiths (McGill), The Virtuous Liberal Politics of Sentimentalism

Rob Sparling (Ottawa), Towards a Theory of Corruption

Discussant /Commentateur: Neven Leddy (Ottawa)



TUESDAY JUNE 1 / MARDI 1 JUNE 10:45 am - 12:15 pm / 10h45 - 12h15


G2(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Children and Education

Chair/Présidente: Samantha Brennan (UWO)

Andrew Rehfeld (Washington - St. Louis), Responsible Political Rights for Children

Daniel Weinstock (Montréal), Schools as Political Institutions

Jeffrey Bercuson (Toronto), Politics and Moral Learning: Kant, Hegel and Rawls on Institutional Socialization

Douglas Hanes (McGill), 'Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children!': Children's Suffering and the Ideology of Adulthood

Discussant/Commentatrice: Samantha Brennan (UWO)



G2(b): Consent and Contract 

Chair/Président: Evan Oxman (McGill)

Mara Marin (Chicago), What Consent Theory Can Tell Us about Authority

Alex Levitov (Princeton), Legitimacy Beyond Consent?

Trevor Latimer (California – Los Angeles), The Illusion of Contract

Joshua Broady Preiss (Bucknell), Is Social Contract Theory Impotent in Response to Political and Economic Violence?

Discussant/Commentateur: Evan Oxman (McGill)



G2(c): Roundtable: Melvin Roger's "The Undiscovered Dewey" 

Chair/Président: Eric MacGilvray (Ohio State)


James Johnson (Rochester)

Rogers Smith (Penn)

Robert Taylor (Vermont)

Melvin Rogers (Virginia)

Eric MacGilvray (Ohio State)


G2(d): Culture, Identity, and Tradition 

Chair/Président: Guy Laforest (Laval)

Avigail Eisenberg (Victoria), Can the Norms of Effective Participation and Identity be Reconciled?

Catherine Frost (McMaster), The Culturalist Critique of Multiculturalism

Isabelle Bernard (Ottawa), L'interprétation de la tradition comme enjeu politique : exemple de la pratique Akan de Sankofa

Keith Haysom (Ottawa), A Republic of Recognition? Parsing Charles Taylor's Multiculturalist Republicanism

Discussant/Commentateur: Guy Laforest (Laval)




TUESDAY JUNE 1 / MARDI 1 JUNE 1:45 pm - 3:30 pm / 13h45 - 15h30


G3(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Radically Non-ideal Circumstances: Violence and Historic Injustice

Chair/Président: Burke Hendrix (Franklin and Marshall)

Zachary Williams (California – Los Angeles), The Violent Limits of Discourse Ethics

James Sterba (Notre Dame), Reparations and the Requirements of Distributive Justice

Timothy Waligore (Queen's), Non-Ideal Theory and Contexts of Historic Injustice

Ingrid Makus (Brock), The Ethics of Ambiguity: Moral Choice and Deliberation in Resistance to War

Discussant/Commentateur: Burke Hendrix (Franklin and Marshall)



G3(b): Spinoza and Rousseau 

Chair/Présidente: Hasana Sharp (McGill)

Christopher Skeaff (Michigan), A Singular Power: The Right to Expression in Spinoza

Lee Ward (Regina), Benedict Spinoza and the Problem of Theocracy

Leslie Wee (Toronto), Emile's Anti-egalitarian Egalitarianism: The Limits of Emilian Compassion

Discussant/Commentatrice: Hasana Sharp (McGill)



G3(c): Roundtable: Author Meets Critics: Christina Tarnopolsky, Prudes, Perverts, and Tyrants: Plato's Gorgias and the Politics of Shame

Chair/Présidente: Jill Frank (South Carolina)


Christina Tarnopolsky (McGill)

Jill Frank (South Carolina)

Ryan Balot (Toronto)

Arlene Saxonhouse (Michigan)

Aleksandra Wagner (The New School)



G3(d): International Institutions 

Chair/Présidente: Margaret Moore (Queen‘s)

Daniel Voelsen (Free), Promoting Democracy by Means of Foreign Occupation? On Legitimate and Illegitimate Goals of International Transitional Administrations

Neil Hibbert (Saskatchewan), Global Justice and Institutional Scope

Carmen Pavel (Virginia), Romanticizing Institutions: World Government and Institutional Dysfunction

Discussant/Commentatrice: Margaret Moore (Queen‘s)




TUESDAY JUNE 1 / MARDI 1 JUNE 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm / 15h45 - 17h15


G4(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Non-ideal Constitutional Theory

Chair/Présidente: Yasmin Dawood (Toronto)

Ryan Pevnick (NYU) and Kathleen Doherty (Virginia), Non-Ideal Reasons for Judicial Review

Evan Fox-Decent (McGill) and Evan Criddle (Syracuse), Emergency Powers: Insights from Fiduciary Theory

William Roberts (McGill), Pessimism and Anti-State Politics

Wayne Norman (Duke), How “Non-Ideal” Must our Theories be for Deliberatively Adversarial Institutions?

Discussant/Commentatrice: Yasmin Dawood (Toronto)



G4(b): Critical Questions 

Chair/Président: Douglas Hanes (McGill)

Delacey Tedesco (Victoria), Aporetic Urbanization: Foucault and Derrida on Kelowna‘s Impossible Progress from K-Town to Sustainable City

Jakeet Singh (Toronto), Toward Ethical-Political Feminisms: Addressing the Impasse Between Structural and Ethical Politics

Devrim Sezer (Izmir), Varieties of Cosmopolitanism and Politics of Hospitality

Elliot Buckland (York), Nature and Subjectivity in Marcuse, Horkheimer and Adorno

Discussant/Commentateur: Douglas Hanes (McGill)



G10(d): William James and Political Theory 

Chair/Président: David Rondel (Trent)

Loren Goldman (Chicago), James and the Fascists: Sorel‘s Encounter with Pragmatism

Eric MacGilvray (Ohio State), Liberalism as Radical Empiricism

Alex Livingston (Toronto), James's Willful Liberalism Between Heroism and Habit

Jonathan McKenzie (Northern Kentucky), Is Radical Empiricism Democratic? Santayana, James, and the Agnosticism of Experience

Discussant/Commentateur: Melvin Rogers (Virginia), David Rondel (Trent)



G4(d): Methods and Approaches in Political Theory 

Chair/Président: Melissa Williams (Toronto)

Michael Frazer (Harvard), Three Methods of Political Theory: Historicism, Ahistoricism and Transhistoricism"

Victor Muniz-Fraticelli (McGill), The Distinctiveness of Pluralist Arguments

Graham Dodds (Concordia), From an Act of God to the Hand of Man: The Growing Realm of the Political

Miriam Ronzoni (European University Institute) and Laura Valentini (Oxford), Taking Moral Intuitions Seriously, but Not Dogmatically

Discussant/Commentateur:  Melissa Williams (Toronto)




WEDNESDAY JUNE 2/MERCREDI 2 JUIN 9 am - 10:30 am / 9h00 - 10h30

G6(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Non-state Actors and Non-ideal Circumstances

Chair/Présidente: Lisa Fuller (SUNY- Albany)

Jennifer Rubenstein (Virginia), Responding to Humanitarian Harms

Emma Saunders-Hastings (Harvard), Valuing Philanthropy: The Charity Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

David Jason Karp (University College London), Human Rights Responsibility and the Capacities of State and Non-State Actors

Nicolas Tavaglione (Geneva), Non-ideal Theory and Humanitarian Healthcare

Discussant/Commentatrice: Lisa Fuller (SUNY Albany)


G6(b): Roundtable: George Grant's Legacy 

Chair/Présidente: Leah Bradshaw (Brock)


Edward Andrew (Toronto)

Donald Forbes (Toronto)

Gad Horowitz (Toronto)

William Mathie (Brock)

Scott Staring (Harvard)

David Tabachnik (Nipissing)



G6(c): Nobility, Wisdom and Sacrifice in Ancient Political Thought 

Chair/Président: Ryan Balot (Toronto)

Andrew Gross (Toronto), Homer and Plato on the Role of Nobility in Politics

Nina Valiquette Moreau (McGill), Method, Madness, Magic: Plato's Phaedran Dialectics in Politics and Understanding

Marlene Sokolon (Concordia), Euripides‘ Alkestis: A Stand-In for Reciprocal Justice

Sophie Bourgault (Ottawa), Plato, Gadamer and Foucault

Discussants/Commentateurs: Ryan Balot (Toronto) / Christina Tarnopolsky (McGill)



G6(d): Liberalism, Justice, and Rights 

Chair/Président: Ryan Pevnick (New York University)

Alan Patten (Princeton), Rethinking Liberal Neutrality

Andrew Lister (Queen's), Justice and Reciprocity

Laura Valentini (Princeton), Justice, Political Justice, and Democracy

Loren King (WLU), Rawlsian Self-Respect: A Socratic Reconstruction

Discussant/Commentateur: Ryan Pevnick (New York University)




WEDNESDAY JUNE 2/MERCREDI 2 JUIN 10:45 am - 12:15 pm / 10h45 - 12h15


G7(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Formal and Methodological Questions in Non-ideal Theory

Chair/Président: Jack Knight (Duke)

Paul Gowder (Stanford), Para-Ideal Theory and the Strategic Justification of Democracy

David Wiens (Michigan - Ann Arbor), Testing Design Hypotheses: Using Formal Models to Test Institutional Design Proposals

Holly Lawford-Smith (Australian National), Preventing Deterioration in International Cooperation for Global Justice

Barbara Buckinx (Brown), Incrementalism in Global Institutional Design

Discussant/Commentateur: Jack Knight (Duke)


G7(b): Aristotle 

Chair/Présidente: Sophie Bourgault (Ottawa)

Michael DeMoor (King's University College), Aristotle and Hegel on Private Property and the Common Good

Douglas Jarvis (Carleton), The Family as the Embryonic Foundation of Political Rule in Western Philosophy: A Comparative Analysis of Aristotle‘s Politics and Hegel‘s Philosophy of Right

William Roberts (McGill), Aristotle‘s Communism: The Political Animal in Italy

Ann Marie Ward (Regina), Moral Strength and Moral Weakness in Aristotle

Discussant/Commentatrice: Sophie Bourgault (Ottawa)


G7(c): Secularity and Secularism 

Chair/Président: Edward Andrew (Toronto)

Lindsay Mahon (Toronto), The Prophet of Secularity: Machiavelli and the Bounds of Religion within Politics

Doug Cassatella (Toronto), Democracy and the Secular: Moving Beyond the Liberal Model

Josee Bolduc (Carleton) and Marc Hanvelt (Carleton), Articulating the Secular: The Transcendent in Charles Taylor‘s Pluralism

Paul May (UQAM), La laïcité selon Charles Taylor : une perspective critique

Discussant/Commentateur: Edward Andrew (Toronto)


G7(d): Eastern Europe and the Political Theory of Dissent

Chair/Présidente: Mihaela Mihai (Montréal)

Joshua Cherniss (Harvard), Neither Angel nor Maggot: Adam Michnik on the Political Ethics of Resistance and Compromise

Jennie Ikuta (Brown), Towards an Existential Revolution: Considering Havel's Political Thought

Anastasiya Salnykova (UBC), How Democratic was the Orange Revolution? Reassessment of Ukraine‘s Democratic Breakthrough of 2004 from the Deliberative Democratic Perspective

Discussant/Commentatrice: Mihaela Mihai (Montréal)


THURSDAY JUNE 3/JEUDI 3 JUIN 9 am - 10:30 am / 9h00 - 10h30



G10(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Global institutions

Chair/Présidente: Christine Straehle (Ottawa)

Simon Cotton (Cornell), Between Cosmopolitanism and Compatriot Priority: A Case for the Significance of the International Trade Regime

Mark Purdon (Toronto), Is the Carbon Market Failing? Non-ideal Institutions and Moral Limit in the International Climate Change Regime

Aaron Maltais (Uppsala), Global Warming and International Cooperation Now: Time, Pressure, and Theories of Global Justice

Peter Dietsch (Montréal) and Thomas Rixen (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin), Promoting Justice in International Tax Governance

Discussant/Commentatrice: Christine Straehle (Montréal)



G4(c): 20th Century Political Thinkers 

Chair/Président: Lucas Swaine (Dartmouth College)

James Mellon (Independent Researcher), Bradleyan Idealism and the Political Theory of Michael Oakeshott

Daniel Drugge (UBC), Isaiah Berlin and the Tragic Dimension of Politics

Merom Kalie (Toronto), The Problem of Ethical Boundaries in the Thought of Martin Buber

Discussant/Commentateur: Lucas Swaine (Dartmouth College)


G10(b): Roundtable: Author Meets Critics: Fonna Forman-Barzilai, Adam Smith and the Circles of Sympathy

Chair/Présidente: Emily Nacol (Vanderbilt)


Fonna Forman-Barzilai (California - San Diego)

Emily Nacol (Vanderbilt)

Catherine Lu (McGill)

Michael Frazer (Harvard)



G10(c): Islamic Political Thought 

Chair/Président: Michael Nafi (Paris VII)

Jeffrey Sachs (McGill), Alexis de Tocqueville and Rifa'a Rafi' al-Tahtawi on the Virtues of Colonialism: Responses to Empire in 19th Century French and Egyptian Thought

Mojtaba Mahdavi (Alberta), Post-Islamism in Iran: Neo-Shariati‘s Post-liberal Discourse and Soroush‘s Liberal Islam

Matt Gordner (Alberta), Islamism and Secularism in Muslim Democratic Theory

Muhammad Velji (South Florida), Fashionable Religiosity: Consumer Culture, Secularization and Changes in Religious Practice

Discussant/Commentateur: Michael Nafi (Paris VII)




THURSDAY JUNE 3/JEUDI 3 JUIN 10:45 am - 12:15 pm / 10h45 - 12h15


G11(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle: Human Nature and Real-World Circumstances: What Constraints Should be Incorporated into Political Theory?

Chair/Présidente: Zofia Stemplowka (Reading)

David Estlund (Brown), Human Nature and the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy

Robert Ballingall (Toronto), The Educative Function of Political Theory and the Beleaguered Role of Human Nature

Justin Weinberg (South Carolina), A Little Reality Is a Dangerous Thing

Michael Kulicki (Alberta), Transcendental and Comparative Theories of Justice: A Critique of Sen

Discussant/Commentatrice: Zofia Stemplowka (Reading)



G11(b): Liberalism Criticized and Defended 

Chair/Président: Andrew Lister (Queen‘s)

Chad Flanders (Saint Louis), Public Reason as Ideal

Lynda Lange (Toronto - Scarborough), Strange Political Philosophy in a New Key: Problematizing the Absence of Justice in the Approach of James Tully

Jens Frederikson (Vanderbilt), Chantal Mouffe's Agonistic Pluralism. Radical Democracy and the Struggle for Normative Grounds

Greg Whitfield (Queen‘), The Priority of Liberty: Political not Kantian

Discussant/Commentateur: Andrew Lister (Queen‘s)


G11(c): Romans, Neo-Romans, and Machiavelli 

Chair/Président: Ed King (Concordia)

Lindsay Knight (Chicago), Away from Utopias: Cicero‘s Fellowship of Men and the Centrality of the Middle Duties in Good Government

Geoff Kennedy (Ulster), Free-men, Free Labour and neo-Roman Conceptions of Liberty in Early Modern England

Mauricio Suchowlansky (Toronto), Spectacular Tumulto: Michele di Lando in Machiavelli‘s Florentine Histories

Discussant/Commentateur: Ed King (Concordia)



G11(d): Injustice, Intervention, and their Aftermath 

Chair/Président: Timothy Waligore (Queen‘s)

Nicholas Troester (Duke), Customary International Law and the Claims of Justice

Magdalena Zolkos-Kavalski (Western Sydney), The Subject of Political Apology and the Freudian 'Undoing'

Mihaela Mihai (Montréal), Unsettling Accounts: State Apologies as Exemplary Political Judgments

Catherine Lu (McGill), Realizing Human Rights: Problems of Nonideal Theory

Discussant/Commentateur: Timothy Waligore (Queen‘s)




THURSDAY JUNE 3/JEUDI 3 JUIN 1:45 pm - 3:30 pm / 13h45 - 15h30


G12(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle

Chair/Président: Andrew Sabl (UCLA)

Loren King (WLU), Is all Theory (Non)ideal?

Burke Hendrix (Franklin & Marshall), Where Should Non-ideal Theory Expect Moral Failure?

Jack Knight (Duke), Can Institutional Analysis Really Support Non-Ideal Normative Theory?

James Johnson (Rochester), Pragmatism & Political Economy: ―Institutional Imagination from Dewey to Unger

Discussant/Commentateur: Andrew Sabl (UCLA)



G12(b): The Epicurean-Stoic Debate in Early Modern Political Thought 

Chair/Président: Rob Sparling (Ottawa)

Ken Sheppard (Johns Hopkins), Antidotes to Atheism in Late Seventeenth-century England

Neven Leddy (Ottawa), Epicurean Novelists and Philosophrs in Eighteenth-century France and the Scottish Enlightenment

James Moore (Concordia), A Dialogue with Mr. Hume: An Interpretaion of An Essay on the History of Civil Society (1767) and Other Writings of Adam Ferguson

Discussant/Commentateur: Rob Sparling (Ottawa)



G12(c): Autonomy, Non-domination, Alienation 

Chair/Présidente: Barbara Buckinx (Brown)

Mira Bachvarova (Queen's), Non-domination and Relational/moral Autonomy

Inder Mahwer ( ), Can Women Be Autonomous? Kant's Gendered Metaphysics

Peter Lindsay (Georgia State), What is (Really) the Problem with Alienation?

Discussant/Commentatrice: Barbara Buckinx (Brown)



G12(d): The Uses and Limits of Ideals in Political Judgment

Chair/Présidente: Mara Marin (Chicago)

Lucas Swaine (Dartmouth College), The Moral Statesperson: A Call for Character

Charles Blattberg (Montréal), Taking Politics Seriously - But Not Too Seriously

Benjamin McKean (Princeton), The Duty of Orientation: Disposing Ourselves to Reciprocity and Solidarity in Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory

Colin Farrelly (Queen's), Scientia and Justice

Discussant/Commentatrice: Mara Marin (Chicago)


THURSDAY JUNE 3/JEUDI 3 JUIN 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm / 15h45 - 17h15


G13(a): Workshop/Atelier: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory/ Théorie du non-idéal et théorie institutionnelle : Roundtable: Non-ideal and Institutional Theory

Chair/Président: Jennifer Rubenstein (Virginia)


David Miller (Nuffield College)

David Estlund (Brown)

Jacob Levy (McGill)

Colin Farrelly (Queen‘s)



G13(b): Deliberative Democracy 

Chair/Président: Russell Muirhead (Dartmouth)

Laura Montanaro (UBC), Reflexive Constituency Formation: Representation and the Democratic Constitution of the Demos

Anna Drake (Queen's), Inclusion and Institutional Design in Deliberative Mini-publics

Joseph Angolano (London School of Economics), Politics as a Craft: Developing Political Skills To Make Deliberation Work

Discussant/Commentateur: Russell Muirhead (Dartmouth)



G13(c): Racism and Imperialism: Counter-Histories 

Chair/Président: Neil Roberts (Williams College)

John Munro (SFU), Unsettling Cold War Cartographies: Center and Periphery in Bandung, Paris, and Accra, 1955-1957

Robert Nichols (Alberta), Henri de Boulainvilliers and the Counter-History of Racism

Glen Coulthard (UBC), Marxism, Modernity and Indigenous Studies

Andreas Krebs (Ottawa), The Other and Immanence: A Deleuzian Response to Postcolonial Subject Formation

Discussant/Commentateur: Neil Roberts (Williams College)


G13(d): Democratic Bodies, Democratic Minds 

Chair/Présidente: Kathryn Trevenen (Ottawa)

Tobold Rollo (Toronto), Democracy in the Flesh: Citizen Bodies in the Public Sphere

Frank Vandervalk (SUNY), Micropolitics and the Dawn of Neuroselves

Elaine Stavro (Trent), Artistic Practice and Concrete Freedom: Anticipating Affect and Radical Democracy

Sebastien Viguier (Princeton), The Internal Division of the Modern Individual

Discussant/Commentatrice: Kathryn Trevenen (Ottawa)